A Message from the Founder – The Power of Music

I have learned first hand the unique power that music has to reach the deepest part of the inner soul and make a difference. I have learned that it has the ability to pierce and even break down the walls we build around our hearts and with which we encase our feelings. Music above all else has the ability to open up places in the heart that are locked to all other means, and that is powerful!

I’ve experienced this power first hand at times when life and love and circumstance had brought me to places in my heart where things were most dark inside. In my most desperate hours, it was music that found a way in to give me a glimpse of light. In those darkest moments, it was music that found a way in. Melodies and words hand-crafted to cut their way through every layer of darkness and whisper… “You are not alone. You are not the only one to have felt this way”. When no one else could get in, music found a way. So in an ultimate sense, music has the ability to save lives, and it has saved mine.

I have also experienced music’s ability to help us live and make us feel alive, to make us stop every once in a while and just dance, sing, let go, live! I have experienced its amazing ability to change moods and to create moods, especially… the mood. I know of no other medium that is more versatile and effective in its ability to influence the human heart and soul.

These are just a few of the reasons I love music so passionately. I love to listen to it, write it, create it and most of all experience it. I have both witnessed and felt its healing power and it makes me want to do all I can to keep it alive and ever growing. I want to enable every artist with a song burning in their hearts and minds to have the chance to let it out, create it, produce it and share it with the world, and that is the fundamental reason I started Weathered Pages. Far too many songs have gone unwritten, unsung and unshared. I don’t that to happen, and it is my dream to make Weathered Pages a reality, where music can come to find a way to be, and where it can come knowing… that it is About The Music.