How We Do It



Since we have chosen a non profit model for this project, we will need donations to support our cause. Members can donate with cash contributions or through submitting their works and telling others to be a part of Weathered Pages, and sharing information about us on social media. We can come together for fundraising events where we can perform the musical works that we all create and perform them live, simultaneously gaining recognition for individuals as well as the Weathered Pages community.

Our primary goal is reaching out to those people who are artists, and feel they can only express their feelings through music. Those that battle depression, anxiety, addiction and so many other mental illnesses that plague our society today that don’t have any other outlet to be heard. We want to help them to be healthier individuals by providing ways to collaborate with other musicians who have battled their own demons and purge themselves of their struggles through the power of music.

We also want to make music the best it can be. How do we do this? First, we invite anyone who has a song or songs that they want to share. Whether you have one or many, bring them. Next, we create an environment where inspiration, creation and emotion can run free, and we bring put many artists together in that environment to work collectively on the each song. Finally, we make the best resources in the industry available to the artists to produce and promote their songs.


How to get involved?

We need more members! Donate your support, send us your music, or ask us for our music for you to create with. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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