What We Have Done


We are currently in our infancy and the journey thus far has been a broken road of unknown ground through uncharted territory. But it has been a wonderful journey of music creation! With the early contributions we received, we opened the door to a few artists we knew who had songs in their hearts, but who lacked the means and opportunity to bring them to life. We brought them together, provided them the resources they needed and most importantly, we created a space where their creative work could be solely about the music… and something magical happened. Song after song we found that each artist had a piece what became the final cut. No matter who brought the song concept forward, the other artists had pieces of what it took to make the song what it ultimately became and through music, they were able to find peace and happiness. We found that by working together, the music became so much more. We invite you to take the journey through what’s been done so far. 

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