Who We Are

groupday1We are a group of singers, songwriters, musicians, sound engineers, etc. We are artists who are deeply passionate about music. We feel that creating songs should be about the art of musical expression and creation, not about it’s commercialization.  We feel if we create an environment where artists work together to make music that evokes emotion and makes people feel and communicate with one another, then what we create will naturally be a product that people will want to hear and be a part of. We feel if we work together to be the best performers we can be, and then work together to create productions of music, energy and emotion that truly tells the what we hold inside, many will want to share in the experience. However, we need the charitable contributions of others to make that happen.

As individuals, we have found it virtually impossible to get noticed in a music industry saturated with cash-focused music production; so we came up with an idea to put a new spin on “getting noticed.” We have become more than the music and a record label. We are a group who wants to build a platform for musicians to collaborate and create their own super-stardom through using the collective talents of those who submit their works to the Weathered Pages in the form of music, lyrics, vocals, and any other stellar performance for all the members of the Weathered Pages community to work with.

We want to be able to create music as an art form. An expression. Emotion evoking. We want to bring like minded artists together to collaborate and prove that music doesn’t have to be created around marketability in order to be widely appreciated.

It’s about the music.

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