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Artist Perspective – Ash Blackmar

When I was writing music in my mid 20’s, I had all these different ideas and I would write songs. I would do the music for them, but I couldn’t really write the lyrics – that just wasn’t my thing. I felt that it just wasn’t going anywhere with what I had.

I met Jeff Bresee at a meeting and we started talking about music and he shared with me this idea he had of the Weathered Pages. He shared his poetry and his lyrics, he had some melodies and I had some songs and my guitar.

I don’t consider myself easily swayed by most things, but this really hit home to me and I wanted to create it. I felt something real; something that I was missing and hadn’t felt in a long time. We began working together and writing various songs and started putting together the pieces of the Weathered Pages, making it work in reality.

We worked well together, but I knew I didn’t have the equipment or the recording experience to get the quality sound I wanted for what we were working on. In 2015 Jeff and I started recording at Up Down Studios where we met Eric Holtz. We recorded my EP “Never to Return,” where I allowed Eric to mix and master the songs. Eric is excellent at what he does, better than I am, and I appreciate his work on this project.

I feel like we are sort of paving the way to understand this process, working out the details so that we can help other artists do this without making the mistakes we made on ourselves. I look forward to recording and collaborating with other members, to hearing your story and sharing our music and our story with you.


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