Artist Perspective – The December Chronicles: Pt. 1

I started The December Chronicles as my own project. I wrote some songs that had a very deep journalistic vibe to them and showed them to some friends. I felt kind of stuck and wanted to do more, but couldn’t really figure out how to promote my music beyond my local area. It wasn’t until I collaborated with Ash Blackmar and met Jeff Bresee, the founder of Weathered Pages, that I was able to record our EP and put it out there for everyone to hear.

I met Jeff in 2013, and he explained his vision of Weathered Pages. At that point, it was a pretty ambiguous idea. It sounded to me like Jeff wanted music to go back to it’s roots, and he wanted to make a creation process that brought artists together through collaboration in order to make music that told a story. In other words, he wanted it to be “about the music” and not about the marketability. He believes songs with meaning should be marketable no matter what.

Initially, I was doubtful and overly analytical of how anyone could create a financially sustainable music project like he was describing. The market is already saturated with musicians who create a catchy hook, just one song, and then drop off into the unknown. Other times they create something that creates a great deal of money for themselves or their record label, but doesn’t evoke any emotion or share anything beyond the beat.

I just didn’t know how our music was going to be unique, different in a way that we would become noticed; that pushed Weathered Pages forward. I also wondered why anyone would want to create music in a collaboration that would not produce a regular paycheck? I began to think that gaining recognition as an artist might be enough to make it worthwhile. I thought that the creation process itself might be valued above recognition or even making money; some of us just want to create and be heard. I wondered if this could really work!

In 2014, Weathered Pages offered me the opportunity to record my own music in a professional studio, all expenses paid.  I stayed here in Salt Lake City and recorded at Red Light Recording. (Cheap plug – if you haven’t worked with Chris over at Red Light, I highly recommend it.) I went to lay down acoustic guitar and vocal tracks, and the process began. During that period of time, The December Chronicles was mostly me. But, once we started the process of recording, Ash became more and more involved in each song, helping to flesh them out into something much more than I could have done on my own.

Finally, in 2015, Weathered Pages flew me out to Texas for a  nine day recording session to finalize the tracks we selected for the debut EP entitled “The Winter EP.”

(Part Two coming SOON about the first time I encountered San Marcos, Eric Holtz and Up/Down Studios).


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