Rod Richardson

Rod Richardson

So Jeff Bresee, Weathered Pages founder, and I go way back. We first met back in the day that I was actively pursuing a career in music, writing songs, and living the life of a cowboy on a Ranch. I ended up rooming with Jeff for a time and he would tire me out – having me play my songs at night. We had a great time together as we both sought our way in life but soon enough, life formed those ways and called us each in different down the roads of business.

We both went on to be Entrepreneurs of sorts, and we both followed business paths that were a bit unique, but also crafted to do more good than just makin’ a buck. Thus, it was no surprise that years later, while I was busy helping the folks I help with Natural Health and Sustainable Wealth, that Jeff called me up and explained his next idea… you guessed it – a charity crafted to help musicians get their songs made so they can share what they have with the world in a professional manner. He asked me if I would be interested in bringing the old cowboy songs I wrote so long ago into Weathered Pages. Well, I told him I would be honored to bring the old ones, and the new ones to. I am still doing what I do, and that includes writing songs every time one starts bubbling up in my heart and spinning around my head.

It is exciting to share through Weathered Pages. I hope you like what you hear, and trust me… there is more to come.


It's About The Music