The December Chronicles

The December Chronicles

The December Chronicles (TDC) is comprised of two friends of a decade who both have an immense passion for the creation and expression of music. Both have colorful stories to tell and find those stories are best told through song, so they’ve continued to try and take their listeners on the journeys that have unfolded through their lives through the beauty of music. Brian and Mike believe that the best songs come from pieces of truth each have learned along their respective journeys, both together and individually. Songs like “Down” and “Apathy” shine through with an emotional pull that wraps you into both the lyrics and the music itself, while “#19″ and “Puppet Boy” give you something to bob your head along to.

Joining up with Weathered Pages was a mutual decision between Brian and Michael, much due to the support that WP gives to up and coming artists, but mainly for the opportunity to collaborate with other Weathered Pages artist such as Christina Quinones and Xavior.

As Mike Barclay would say: “We’re the band that’s so unknown, it’s that cool to know who we are.”

The Winter EP was recorded at Up/Down Studios through donations from Weathered Pages.


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