Artists Joining Together

What happens when the making and performing of music is solely about the music? About the passion that comes from true creativity? What happens when you create a creative environment where artists have the resources to work together toward that end; instead of creating something that is only meant to be used as a marketing tool? What happens? Well, we’re not exactly sure, but we think the possibilities are endlessly incredible. We invite you to join us in our goal to find out.

Who we are

Weathered Pages is a charitable organization that is owned and operated by artists who feel that creating music should be less focused on making money and more about the art of musical expression and creation – more about the music itself.  We feel if we create music that evokes emotion and makes people feel and communicate with one another, we are creating a product people will want to hear and be a part of. We would like to share our works of art with you and have you do the same here at the Weathered Pages. We are a group of  songwriters and performers whose primary goal is to work collectively to write, produce and promote music.

As individuals, we have found it virtually impossible to get noticed in a music industry saturated with cash-focused music production; so we came up with an idea to put a new spin on “getting noticed.” We have become more than music and a record label. We are a group who wants to build a platform for musicians to collaborate and create their own superstardom through using the collective talents of those who submit their works to the Weathered Pages in the form of music, lyrics, vocals, and any other stellar performance for all the members of the Weathered Pages community to work with.

We want to be able to create music as an art form. An expression. Emotion evoking. We want to bring like minded artists together to collaborate and prove that music doesn’t have to be created around marketability in order to be widely appreciated.

It’s about the music.

What we do

We would like to take artists and work collaboratively on their music to improve it. As the community grows, many different Weathered Pages members will be able to submit their music, or work together on the various music projects that are provided on the site. If the collaboration process works out we could then offer financial assistance to varying degrees; such as supplying instruments or recording equipment, offering professional studio recording and mixing , and even funding tours. We firmly believe that getting the right people together to create a musical work of art will throw each individual involved in the process into a position of recognition and jumpstart their career in a forward motion.

How we do it

Since we have chosen a non profit model for this project, we will need donations to support our cause. Members can donate with cash contributions or through submitting their works and telling others to be a part of the Weathered Pages Project, and sharing information about us on social media. We can come together for fundraising events where we can perform the musical works that we all create and perform them live, simultaneously gaining recognition for individuals as well as the Weathered Pages community.

How to get involved

We need more members! Donate your support, send us your music, or ask us for our music for you to create with. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.