Make it Louder Music Festival

Imagine a music festival that features artists who all have battled with their own individual mental illnesses, and have overcome some of those battles through music. And then, imagine hearing the songs that helped them to do so.  Cool right? 

What if we added in the fact that all of the proceeds of this type of festival go to make sure that more people can get help through the power of music just like them? And that it’s made up of local artists, businesses and people all coming together for a common goal to help grow the community and support mental health? 

That’s our goal with Make it Louder. We want to make good causes louder and get them the funding and exposure that they need to create awareness and ways to help that aren’t just a traditional call center, or counseling facility. We want to use the creation of music and expression to overcome diseases that plague so many people in the world and then showcase them to anyone and everyone who wants to listen, or be involved. 




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