Our Mission

The mission of Weathered Pages is to support anyone who battles mental illness; whether it’s depression, addiction, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/tendencies, or any of the numerous diseases that have become so prevalent in our society today, through the power of creativity and music. We want to provide those individuals with resources to escape and express the feelings they have inside of them in a productive and healthy way, while being offered the help they need to overcome. 

We plan on doing this in three different ways. 


We already have a network of writers and musicians who can reach out to their communities and perform, as well as offer writing sessions and if nothing else a listening ear to those who struggle with their own mental health. We plan on using that as a tool to create a community of like minded individuals who can support each other while creating something beautiful for the world to see and hear. 


We have a professional recording studio in San Marcos that we plan on using as a retreat for those who qualify. (Qualification processes are still being defined). During the retreats, we’ll have a 2 day, 3 day or 5 day option to go to the studio and record their own original material with the support of other Weathered Pages artists, and then receive help in pushing it out onto major music platforms to share with the world. This allows those individuals to create something they can always remember, and share in experiences with people who have, or who are still battling their own demons and use music as their medicine. 

Make it Louder Music Festival

Annually, we plan on having a showcase of some of the artists we work with that supports the cause, the individual and the community and also helps to raise funding so that we can continue on with our ultimate goal. Helping people to get healthy and realize they’re not alone. 


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