Up/Down Retreats

Are you creative? A musician? A writer? Someone just passionate about creation and looking for a way to be heard even if you don’t know how to put the pieces together? Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction or anything dealing with mental health? 

We want to help. 

Weathered Pages has access to a studio down in San Marcos, TX called Up/Down Recording Studios where we have the ability to create the music we want to, and that helps us to battle our demons. Up/Down is secluded away from noise and people. It’s a safe haven where creation is king. With one of the best producers and engineers in the business by our side, we’re able to collaborate and create music that resonates with each of us personally and expresses things that can’t be said in any other vein. 

These retreats are meant to create music, but also to provide a safe atmosphere for people who battle mental illnesses of any kind. It allows you to be around people who have struggled with their own issues, hear their stories, and tell your own if you want to. We want to offer help in a different way than just sitting in an office with a therapist, or going to a regimented meeting. Those resources are valuable and necessary of course, but we also understand that it’s not the sole answer for a lot of people. We’re here to change that. 

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